Welcome to Fiready inc.’s website, a family owned business dedicated to the production and sale of kiln dried packaged firewood. Situated in Northwest New-Brunswick, the company has modern production infrastructure and equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Fiready strives to offer a product of superior kiln-dried quality. The raw material used for production consists of various hardwood species renowned for their thermal properties. Fiready’s AMBIANCETM firewood undergoes an intense and vigorous drying cycle to certify the product insect and mildew free. You will be impressed by the bright, lively flames and radiant heat!

Our company is eco-friendly. A biomass system, using non-conforming production waste, is used to heat our kiln.

By visiting our website, you can see that Fiready’s AMBIANCETM is so much more than your average firewood!

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