Fiready’s Ambiance™ superior quality firewood product is consistent and reliable. Fiready inc. certifies its firewood products insect-free. The intense heat-treatment greatly reduces the humidity content in processed split hardwood logs (an equivalence of 3,63 kilograms/8 lb  of water is removed per 20 dm³/.75 ft³ bag of firewood).


In choosing Fiready’s Ambiance™ Kiln-Dried Firewood you will benefit from the following advantages:

• A clean dry, insect and mildew-free firewood that is safe to store and safe to burn

• Ambiance™ ignites easily, burning hot and bright, radiating 35% more heat energy

• A packaged product that is lighter to transport and lighter to carry

• As a consumer, all you need is the match for a perfect fire every time


Fiready’s AMBIANCE™, the perfect hardwood mix for a bright and warm  fire with beautiful colourful flames!