A trustworthy team; a reliable product and delivery service!

Fiready’s management is persuaded that the business foundation itself lies in our human resources and its values.

Our team is conscientious that at each production level: from raw material processing, to kiln-drying, to packaging, to customer service, this be done to their very best performance right through to the delivery of our products to your door!

It is the basic principle by which Fiready Inc. can offer a firewood product that surpasses heat-treatment requirements, which we are so very proud of!


Peter Clair, Owner & President
Management & Supervisor, raw material purchases

Marielle Clair, Co-Owner
Management, Director of Sales & Marketing

Ian Clair
Production Supervisor, Biomass-Kiln, Certification

Guy Voyer
Administration, Accounting

Alex Clair
Administration, Transport Logistics