Supreme quality; Superior firewood!



Fiready’s AMBIANCE firewood meets and surpasses heat-treatment certification requirements.


The prescription to certify our firewood product has changed in 2011. The initial heat treatment to attain the insect-free certification level required that the internal core temperature of the split logs reach 71.1ºC (160ºF) and be maintained constantly for a minimum of 75 minutes. Since May 2011, both US and Canadian agencies have reduced their requirements to 60ºC (or 140ºF) maintained internally for a lesser time period of 60 minutes at the core of the log.


Fiready continues to maintain the original kiln-drying prescription.

• Our firewood is certified insect-free, whether for home use, or for camp fires.

• The intense kiln-drying cycle greatly minimizes risks of mildew in the plastic bags.

• The firewood product is safe to store and safe to burn.


Fiready monitors its kiln performance and provides certification documentation.


What they do…we do better!

To maintain its value-added properties, the packaged firewood product should be stored under shelter. It is insect and mildew-free, safe to store, easy to carry, ignites easily for a perfect fire and warm ambiance every time. You will be impressed by its bright flames and intense heat!