We pride ourselves in the consistent quality at all production levels!



Outfitted with modern production infrastructure and equipment on the cutting edge of technology, Fiready Inc. offers its clientele an exceptional firewood product, along with a service that has built the Clair family’s reputation over the past five generations.


Cognizant that the quality of the finished product depends on the raw material supplied, Fiready relies on experienced foresters to continously guarantee its clients with superior quality wood.


Having excellent firewood qualities, the northeastern maple, beech and birch hardwood is seasoned for a period of a year prior to processing. The source of raw material used in the manufacturing of Fiready’s AMBIANCE originates from Madawaska County in New Brunswick, Canada.



Following the seasoning phase, the hardwood is processed into 16 inch length logs that are split, then Kiln-dried.



Surpassing prescribed heat-treatment requirements, Fiready not only certifies the firewood product insect-free, it is assured mildew-free as well.



The heat-treated firewood product is packaged in sturdy recyclable polyethylene plastic bags, palletized on recycled pallets and stockpiled out of the elements under shelter, to supply demand year round.